The University of Miami Center for Advanced Supply Chain Management is devoted  to help you with the most challenging of  the Supply Chain Management  today the Lumpy demand / supply, Complex Systems,  and Capacity Management fields.

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Supply Chain Management

The center can help you: To gain insights on how to manage your supply chain, to find solutions for your complex operational problems, to interact with peers, and to provide students real life experiences.

Advancing the Knowledge and Practice of Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management (SCM) is on top of the executive agendas. Rapidly changing business environments are placing stress on efficient SCM designs. Competitors are catching up to established competitive advantages.

The Center’s mission on advancing the knowledge and practice of Supply Chain Management continues to be as important as ever, bringing stockholders an increased profitability and efficiency, with Innovation, Complexity Reduction, Capacity Management and Lumpy Demand & Supply modeling expertise. The Center maintains high quality, timely programs and projects, to help participants to improve on their new or already established supply chain practices.

“Advancing the knowledge and practice of value chain management
 with efficient design through innovation, capacity management,
 stochastic models and complexity reduction”
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